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How is aquarelle made? Throw your brushes in the river and watch the sunset...

Spilling a smile over your formal suit... that's what I call an event!

The soul has no shoes... And the cosmos is not its garment... Only that it sleeps on the terraces of our excitements...

Love is like the top of a mountain. But once you climb it, you have to cling to it and never come back down. Otherwise, you're lost.

At no time I do think of TIME... It can't bring back the smell of smoke in the air in winter, the scent of peppers in autumn as I kicked a ball and went to bed after a slice of warm chutney... It can't restore my earned lost moments in the theatre and cinema. .. The crushed nights where I struggled with the color yellow, is it more beautiful than black... It can't bring back my friends from the clouds... And totally lost, it can't bring back the real things and people I missed because I didn't think about it all that TIME!

If you're gonna go somewhere, buy some gasoline, pour it on the road you fancy going down, light a cigarette and throw the match. You'll notice how far you've come.

The clouds can't be erased by looking...

I never learned how to steal the blue from the sunrise...

I've long lived by the maxim that you can't go a day without something surprising you. You have to steal something from that day.

Those who fall in the sky do never die…